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New Site, Who Dis?!

We're Back! Again! Again...

This is the second time now that we have decided to rework our website. This time it took a little longer that we would have liked, but its finished! Yay us! We looked at our old website and thought we needed a fresher look. So we went out and scouted the competition. What we came back with was that most travel consulting companies sell you travel, but do not try and get you excited about it. There is very little personal connection. We wanted to change that in our presentation. So we killed our old website and looked onward to a better tomorrow! ...which is today, now. Or a few weeks ago, when we turned the website back on... Either way the future is here! Hooray!

The site looks a lot different than the last time you were here! We added a landing page for no other reason other than I liked it when I was playing around with the options... and its fancy! When you enter the site you will see that we decided to change our entire color scheme. We used to have grey on grey... on grey... with some blue. it was boring. Enter pastel colors! Pastel colors help our content pop out and give it a bit more of a fun feel while you browse our site. We updated our gallery and testimonial section as well. We used to have an Instagram plug-in, which didn't work very well, and was just an eye sore. The plug-in had very little functionality and all it really did was regurgitate content that we already had somewhere else.

So, all that stuff is good, but how about when you want to book a trip? Before, we had a simple form you would fill out and offered very little in terms of communicating what vacation you actually wanted to take, and what options or amenities you wanted. When you book a trip now, you will notice several different options for requesting information. You can choose from cruises, all-inclusive, honeymoon vacations, and group/family vacations. Each section has a set of options to choose from to help expedite the process, allowing us to receive more information up front and get you information you need faster. They also play nifty videos while you fill out your form! Just another way to get you excited to start the process of planning your vacation!

What I'm trying to say, is that we have a new, pretty, site! You absolutely didn't have to read all that to know, but you did anyway! So take some time, explore, and while you're at it, fill out a form to book a vacation! Preferably after this raging pandemic is under control. Until then, be smart, be safe, and wear your face covering!!!

Safe Travels,

-The No Excuses Travel Team

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