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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Although this was a tough year for everyone for different reasons, I like to think that something good came out of this year. I for one have never been able to spend this much time with family with both Andre and I always working. It’s given me more time to work on my work life balance and my amazing business; No Excuses Travel of course 😊 I also took up yoga, baked bread and pastries, found amazing new hiking trails, found new ways to keep my toddler busy and did a lot of local travel when things calmed down; aka when we weren’t in shelter in place and COVID cases weren’t rising at an alarming rate.

This past year has allowed me to give myself an entirely new set of goals. Not to sound cheesy, but making time for yourself is important. I took the time to incorporate yoga into my life and this year I would like to set aside some time for meditation. I read somewhere that yoga and meditation are two activities that only require you to take a few minutes to yourself. It’s not about making you change your diet or lifestyle or needing to buy new clothes or equipment. It only requires you to take a few minutes to yourself each day, but the effects can be truly astonishing. Travel gives you an open mind to try and embrace new things and yoga was one of them.

Anyways, my professional new year’s resolution is to document more in the moment and do more local travel this year. Trips planned this year will hopefully be Europe, our 4 day Mexico cruise and wherever we decide to travel locally. Message me if you want us to check out a northern California destination, a restaurant, an activity, etc and we will do our best to visit or research for you dependent on COVID of course. By the way it never costs you anything to ask us for info and we never pressure you to purchase a vacation. We just want you to well informed on your destination wherever you go.

All that boils down to; feel free to message me with questions. I will be happy to deep dive and do the research and the same with general travel questions, including travel with kids. We always travel with our daughter, now four, and have another on the way, so we are super informative about any questions that you might have about traveling with children. Until next time!

Yasmin 😊

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