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Sail With Us!

Yea... So talk about late. I was supposed to put these out every week... Then real life happened. I got promoted at the far less fun job, but pays a lot more, which pulled a lot of my time away. Also, our little Travel Agency is picking up a bit of steam. We have more clients this year than we did last year so... yay us! None the less, these excuses do nothing to soothe the rage you feel from not having your eyeballs caressed by my eloquent writing and genius level intellect. I understand your frustration... I would miss me too. For that, my friends, I am truly sorry.

So I sat and thought to myself, "how can I regain the trust and camaraderie of our readers and followers?" By letting you spend more time with me of course! In real life! You might ask how amazing could that possibly be? Well I can tell you from first hand experience, as I hang out with myself everyday, It's pretty friggin amazing! Just ask my wife!... Or, don't her opinion is a bit biased... We call the program "Sail With Us" and it took every ounce of creative effort to come up with that one. Under the program, we would sail with all of booked clients to make sure they have an enjoyable and memorable experience!

In all seriousness, the main reason we started this program is to help people who may be too nervous about cruising or don't know what cruise to book. A lot of first time cruisers don't know much about cruising and are often intimidated by the whole process. Even getting on the ship can be a bit overwhelming. It would help to have someone there who can make the whole experience easier and more enjoyable! We would be there through the whole process, from booking, to boarding, to sailing, to that tearful day you head home. Except we won't follow you back home... We have our own home... We will also have added amenities, private sail away parties, and contests with actual prizes! Like real life prizes! Not just hugs and a hearty "Thanks for Participating!" Though you can get those too if you wanted.

We will release our first sailing opportunity shortly on our social media platforms and right here on our blog. So keep a look out for us! We hope to see you all on board with us, having good times, and making great memories! And I know you all can't wait to see my gorgeous face! You know you do. Don't lie to yourself... It's not healthy.

Thanks for reading and Safe Travels!


Travel Consultant &

Cruise Specialist

No Excuses Travel

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