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Hawaii Trip!

Aww Hawaii!! It was great to see you again! I traveled to Honolulu with my husband Richard on March 10th, 2021. We went for a short 6-day trip and I am so glad we went. We were a little apprehensive with COVID still an ever-present entity in our lives. The CDC recommends only essential travel during the pandemic. You also have a bit of anxiety getting back on an airplane after everything that has happened the past year. That said, everything went pretty smoothly. Hawaii has put into place an effective screening process to open the islands. We had to take a COVID test within 72 hours of our flight and upload the results to We flew with Hawaiian Airlines and during our check in they reviewed our documents through Safe travel and cleared us to travel to the islands. This is great because we avoided the lines to have our documents and QR code scanned when we landed. We had the opportunity to bid on first class tickets and were able to snag some before the flight. If you have never flown first class before, and have a couple extra dollars to spend, then treat yourself! We were served a delicious breakfast with mimosas. Richard had his fair share of whiskey during the flight. It helped relax any tensions we had when we first got on the plane. It was a smooth 5 hour flight to Honolulu.

When we reached our hotel, we had to login to our Safe Travel account and show it to the registration desk at the hotel. They used the same system as the airlines, which made it efficient, and seamless to show our documents that we were COVID free. Once we cleared those few things, we were free to enjoy our trip. Traveling to Hawaii felt like old times again except for wearing a mask everywhere we went. At the beginning of our trip, the streets were pretty much empty, but each day were saw more people arriving for their much-needed vacation. Most restaurants are by reservation only, so make sure you plan ahead when dining out as seating is very limited during the pandemic. Hanging out on the beach, swimming at the pool, eating good food, and devouring tropical drinks were just what the doctor ordered. Think about where you would like to travel to and reach out to our consultants at No Excuses Travel and let us help you plan a much-needed post COVID adventure for you!

Stay Healty and Safe Travels!

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