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Trying Something New! - The One with Princess Cruises pt.2

I said I was going to come back at you with more parts to our multi-part series about our first cruise with Princess Cruises. Now here we are! As Promised! I told you I would do it! Ha! Full disclosure though, I had to pull myself up out of my own lazy to write this. But I shall not let my writing suffer from it! I promise to let my award winning personality and high school level English composition shine on this piece to, at most, leave you minimally inspired to try something new!

We find ourselves very close to leaving on our first cruise with Princess Cruise Lines. I have found myself looking more at ship videos and planning activities than actually getting myself, and family, ready to go on this trip. The added task for this trip, is planning on what to pack for a toddler. Our cruise one year ago was easier because she was only a year old and didn't need much to keep her entertained. She just stared at the ceiling and made baby sounds. Now she talks, counts, quizzes with flash cards, solves algebraic equations, and colors outside the lines. We almost have to pack another bag just for her activities... Thankfully, I have a wife for that. She is far more qualified than I for this task. That, and I just don't want to do it... We will actually post a toddler packing list that we devised to help people with kids that have never cruised before or find difficulty on what to pack. There are a lot of people that want to travel with their children and just don't know how to pack for them. We were the overzealous parents last year in some areas, and not so much in others. We learned some hard lessons about traveling with kids that we hope to impart on all of you! At the very least, it will satisfy my weekly blog assignment. So its really a win win for me whether or not you read it. But I hope you do... It would let me know that the internet is full of caring and loving people. Not just Russian hack bots, pornography, and Kardashian tweets...

I still need to pack my bag too. Packing my bag isn't as daunting of a task though, I just have to unpack it from my last trip... Let me clarify... I did "unpack" the bag. I unzipped it, pulled the clothes out, and left them there on top of the bag... I guess I was hoping kind, philanthropic soul, with a heart of compassion would come by and gladly clean up after me. Alas, my wife laughs at the very thought of that and my daughter is only 20 months old... I should stop holding out hope and take care of it already. Thankfully all of our documents are printed and ready to go. We also booked our balcony dining experiences. We posted these on Instagram the other day. Princess Cruises has a neat feature where they dress up your balcony at night and assign a waiter to your cabin to provide a multi course meal. They also do this during breakfast time as well. We booked both and plan to upload video of our experience to our quite empty YouTube channel.

Speaking of horrible segues, we have started our own YouTube channel! I actually started it last year though. Remember when I said, in my last post, that I was supposed to chronicle our Carnival Cruise? I was supposed to launch our YouTube channel with it too. If you go to it though, you will find it absent of any videos... It befell the same fate as my blog last year. But things are different this year! You'll see!

When I come back at you guys again, it will be when we start our vacation in the great city of San Francisco! It is our embarkation port and where we will be staying the night before our cruise. We will hit up several restaurants, bars, and lounges throughout the day. We will post it all on Instagram as well just in case you like peeking in from time to time!

In all seriousness though people, the summer vacation season is upon us. You should have already booked yours by now... But for those that haven't, and need to, or for those that just need some ideas and information, head over to Our Site, fill out the form, and we can get back to you. Let us help you get on the vacation you've always wanted to go on! We book everything! Except for space... You need to talk to science about that one...

Til' Next Time!

Safe Travels,


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