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Trying Something New! - The One with Princess Cruises. Pt. 1

In case you haven't noticed yet, we love to cruise! We have been on several cruises with Carnival Cruise Lines and loved every minute of them. I would continue to book on Carnival so long as the keep the same formula for fun that I love. We also love Hawaii. Our first 5 vacations were to Oahu and we continue to go back as much as possible. But you always have to try new things right? That's what the wife says anyways... Actually, one of the great benefits to being a travel consultant is experiencing new destinations and the different ways to get there. So we, as an agency, decided to try some new things!

Side Note: this will be a multi-part blog series chronicling all of our adventures, and misadventures, on Princess Cruise Line. I tried to do this once with Carnival and decided "hey, lets blog about food and drinks!" For those of you who are good at the math, I learned that you can take Drinks and Responsibilities. The more you increase one, the other decreases at a commensurate rate. IE: The more I drank, the less adulting I did, like blog. Lol, all jokes, I actually just had too much fun on the ship and lost track of time. Side side note: is it proper to actually type "LoL in a blog? Also, you didn't think you would hear the term commensurate rate in a travel blog did you? I learned it on a YouTube video! Apologies, I digressed for a second...

So as we were thinking about what new to do, we decided to try a Pacific Coast cruise! How fun right!? We thought we should try a new cruise line as we are always on Carnival... OK, in full transparency, a good friend of mine is getting married on the ship, and we are both in the wedding party. So we have an obligation to go, but believe me, there are far worse things to be obligated for. And it really doesn't count if you think about it cause we decided to try new things first! HA!

We are all excited about the upcoming cruise, as anyone should about going on vacation right? That wasn't the case at first for me though. After sailing on Carnival, which are coined "The Fun Ships," I was a bit concerned about the super laid back approach that Princess Cruises employs. I tend to get stuck in my ways a bit. I find something I like and always go back to it. My wife, and business partner, tends to be a bit more cavalier in experiencing new travel. After doing some research on the cruise line and vessel, I found some really cool things that they do over Carnival. Talking with others who have sailed with Princess helped kick start my excitement as well. Now, here I am printing out our boarding passes and luggage tags with a gleeful excitement. I have literally spent the last few weeks checking out different ship videos on YouTube, when I'm not catching up on the math, and discovering different things to do at the ports of call.

In the past, I only ever wanted to go to Hawaii, and was happy keeping to that routine. My wife was the one who pushed for our first cruise (starting to sense a familiar pattern, yes?). I reluctantly agreed to go and fell in love with cruising! Now we are branching out and trying different cruise lines! You may be wary of trying new things, as I am. I think it is just one of those natural reactions to change that some people have. Just don't let it stop you from new experiences, especially in travel. You may just find that the one thing you didn't really care for, might be something you actually love to do.

Stay tuned for the next part of the series when we start packing our bags!

For any information on Cruising, Vacation, or mathematical theory, drop us a line! Head over to!

Thanks again and Safe Travels!


No Excuses Travel Consultant

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