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3 For Free! by Princess Cruises

We're coming at you with another deal!

I know it has been a while, but I promise I will get better at highlighting the great deals we see on a weekly basis. This new deal comes from Princess Cruises! The 3 for Free sale is a sale that has seen great success for Princess Cruises in the past and they have decided to expand on it for select 2018-19 itineraries! The sale is available on September 5th and runs until November 16th.

As you can see from the graphic above, guests in the same stateroom can claim three incentives for free on sailings in the booking time frame. As informative as the graphic can be, it is also a bit vague on what the restrictions are... But fear not! That is what I'm here for! Yes I am more than just a beautiful face... I have other talents too... I boil a mean pot of Ramen Noodles...

I digress, lets go over the three incentives!

First is the free state room location upgrade, not to be confused with a cabin category upgrade. For instance, you cannot upgrade from an interior to an ocean-view, or an ocean-view to a balcony. What this incentive does, however, is allow you to change what location your room category is located in, ie: deck to deck. So instead of staying at the bottom of the boat and want to stay a bit higher up, this free upgrade will allow you do move up to a higher deck!

Free gratuities is a great incentive for sure. This allows you to sail without having to worry about the surprising charge on your folio at the end of the cruise. If you have sailed in the past, you know that rage you feel when you look at your bill at the end of the cruise and forgot about the cruise gratuities. It makes you want to collapse to your knees and shake your fists mightily to the heavens... What this incentive does not cover is the regular bar gratuities, spa charges, or dining gratuities in specialty restaurants. you still have to tip.

Free Onboard Monies! A.K.A. Onboard Credit! What is there not to like about walking on board a cruise ship and being handed a fist full of cold hard cash eh?! ...Not so much cold hard cash. More like virtual money loaded onto a plastic card. But you still get to walk into the night club and make it precipitate! Guests can earn up to $600 based on the length of your cruise! If for nothing else, get that free money!

Whats great about this offer is that in the past, it was only valid for 2 guests in a single cabin. Now, Princess Cruises has made it available for up to 4 guests in single cabin! So bring a couple friends, your kids, or a couple of complete strangers and live the high life for a few days!

Contact your No Excuses Travel Team for more information and to book this, and other offers we have available!

Until Next Time!

Safe Travels!

-Your No Excuses Travel Team.

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