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Royal Caribbean Sail Away Sale!

It has been a while since we connected to our followers through our social media platforms. I was sitting here trying to find something different to write about besides the usual vacation that we've been on or a list of travel tips. I thought to myself, why not use the blog to talk about deals! We have so many deals that come through our email and a lot of them need more than just an image posted on the deals section of our website. So expect to see more of them being posted via our blog!

The first deal we are highlighting comes from Royal Caribbean Cruises. They are currently hosting their Sail Away Sale, in case the image above or the blog post didn't give that away ;). For those that don't know, Royal Caribbean is the second leading cruise provider in the world and voted the best overall cruise line 14 years running. Right now is the absolute best time to sail with them. Prices are low, and school is about to start. Which means they will literally start begging you to book a trip... When you book on any one of their ships, you get your second guest at 50% off! As rooms are booked on double occupancy, you can see why this is an absolute beast of a deal. On top of that, you also get up to $250.00 savings on all ships; $300.00 on their Oasis class vessels. If you don't know, the Oasis class of ships are the undisputed largest class of cruise ships currently sailing in any fleet. Lastly, kids sail free! ... In case you missed that...




(*Excessive punctuation added for dramatic effect.)

No one else lets you bring all of your children along with you at no charge! We paid a good amount of money for our not so 1 year old to join us on our Cruise. Nothing against Carnival, it was a fun vacation. But free is free!

The deal is only open for 3 days; August 11-14, 2017! Contact us to help you find a sailing and take advantage of the deep DEEP discounts and take you and your family on a vacation that you all deserve! If you have the time, and the coin, don't let this pass you up! If you do then you will be sad... I'll be sad for you... We will all be sad people who are sad that no one is taking a vacation. And we will all return to our jobs wishing that we were on vacation and fall deeper into sadness... Don't be that guy...

Until next time!

Safe Travels!

-The No Excuses Travel Team.

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