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Embarkation Day!

Okay... So this post is a few days late... weeks... a few weeks... fine its over a month late! That said, I am still here to regale you with our tale of Embarkation Day on the Carnival Magic. We have sailed on Carnival two times before this, but never on a suite, but we will get to that in a bit.

We started the day off driving our rental cars back to the airport and catching a ride back to the massive house that we rented for the few days in Orlando. As we got back we started cleaning up and putting the luggage outside. Our ride showed up after a few minutes of waiting, much to everyone's surprise. We ordered a stretch hummer with a luggage trailer in tow. We loaded the luggage up into the trailer, turned the music up, and popped open a bottle of champagne as we set off to the port. After about an hour of morning alcohol consumption, snapchat filters, and Bruno Mars we approached port Orlando. We could see the Carnival Magic docked next to the Disney Magic. Both looked gorgeous as they awaited the 5000+ passengers that would later board them.

We pulled up to the cruise terminal and got out as our driver took care of unloading all of our bags; for which we tipped handsomely. Quick Tip: be sure to take care of your driver should you use one to get to the port. We were separated in different waiting areas as half of our group was not priority status. They put us in a private "Captain's Lounge" to check in and wait for our group to board. The lounge came equipped with comfortable seating, televisions, coffee, and snacks! Except the coffee and snacks must have called in sick... At least the television showed up...

We made our way onto the ship at 11:30 and waited in the Atrium for the rest of our group. They already had a DJ out in the Atrium playing music for all of the guests coming onto the ship. We wasted no time getting our alcoholic beverages. We were smart on this trip and stayed away from the buffet. We utilized the other restaurants that were opened and had less waiting time. We touch on this in our "First Time Cruisers" blog post. Just as we were pulling out of Port Canaveral, the sail away party began. For those that have sailed on Carnival with Dr. E. as a cruise director; you know that he knows how to put on a show. The sail away was entertaining and as fun as the last time we sailed with him. It was everything a sail away party should be! Drinks, dancing, alcohol, and food! We even got to see a rocket launch! ...without an actual rocket launch. SpaceX was supposed to send a rocket up on a scheduled launch as we were leaving. We never saw that rocket though... just a lot of smoke and disappointment.

We capped off the afternoon with a trip to the RedFrog Pub, one of the best drinking spots on the Carnival Magic. For dinner that night, we made reservations at the onboard steak house. They happened to be running a special that night, all wine on the wine list was 50% off (including bottles!) The house red and white were complimentary! Please believe, our party made good use of that special. It might be the last time you see it on any sailing... I digress, the steak house was amazing. The staff was very good and informative and the steaks melted in your mouth like butter.

After engorging ourselves with outstanding food, and tired from the long day, we turned in for the night. The next two days were sea days as we made our way to Aruba, our first stop.

Join me next time as I highlight our two days at sea!

Until then, Safe Travels!

-The No Excuses Travel Team.

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