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Allow us to re-introduce ourselves! We are No Excuses Travel, a full service travel agency based in Vacaville, California. For those of you who don't know us, we have gone through quite a few changes. What hasn't changed is our commitment to help you find the vacation you have been dreaming of! Whether it is a cruise vacation (which we specialize in), an all inclusive, or honeymoon vacation (to name a few), we can book it for you. We have a wide array of tools and services at our disposal to get you where you want to go!

One of the most common questions we get asked is "how much do we cost?" The answer is quite simple; the grand price of zero! We don't charge you a "retainer" or "planning" fee to use our services. Nor do we charge you at the end of the booking. We work strictly off of commission from our suppliers. We book you - They pay us. Simple! No hassle, No Stress, Just Travel!

So take a few minutes to look through our site and, hopefully, when you're ready to book, just click the "book a trip" link in the menu!

Thanks for visiting No Excuses Travel!

-Your No Excuses Travel Team

"Don't Make Excuses, Make Memories!"


Who We Are...

Who We Are

Travel Consultant



I love to travel and to eat amazing foods in amazing places.  I come from a military family and have grown up traveling all over Europe with an emphasis in the places that I lived, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.  I have also travelled through Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Italy.  I have planned several European vacations for friends, family and clients.  After moving to California, I fell in love with cruising and have cruised much of the Caribbean.  There are so many destinations and cruise lines to choose from and it can be difficult to navigate the waters and find that perfect cruise that fits your style.  That’s where I can help from the pre trip, ensuring that you have an amazing adventure and your post trip.

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Travel Consultant


When I'm not zoning out to Bob Marley and wishing I was on a beach with an umbrella and a bucket of beers, you can find me here! I am the guy behind the website and most of the blog and social media content. I also help our consultants prepare your important travel documents, arrange client meet-ups, and organize group events! Most of the brochures, adverts, and newsletters are from this guy right here. Oh! I occasionally sell travel from time to time! I mainly focus on cruising, with a specialty on Carnival Cruises, but can book you any vacation you desire! We live and breathe vacations, which is why we got into travel consulting in the first place. We like to help others find their excitement, and love, for travel!


Travel Consultant


I have 50+ years of living and traveling around the world. As a military child and a military spouse, I have had the opportunity to live and see some amazing places. I’ve lived in Germany, Guam, and Okinawa. While living in Germany, I travelled to Luxembourg, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Mallorca, Malta, United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic. I went on my first cruise in 2006 and I fell in love with cruising. I usually try to plan a cruise every year. I cannot wait for my next trip. I want to help you plan an adventure to the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, or Hawaii. My desire is to share in your excitement as we plan a new adventure.


Meet The Team!

Meet The Team!

All Inclusives


As you can see above, we book all sorts of vacations! Cruises? All Inclusives? Honeymoon Vacations? Groups? Just wanna find a hotel and jump on a plane?!? We can help you with all that! We might even be selling you outer space too too! Just depends on how fast science moves on that... None the less, if it involves travel, we got you covered! Just booking you on a trip isn't all we do though. We also ensure you have full trip support from the moment you leave, until you walk back into your home. Day or night, weekends and holidays, we are there for you whenever you need it!

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Current Specials

Current Specials

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